Neutralise the threat of viruses with CV1 Shot

July 10th 2020

Discover the effective way to quickly and safely neutralise the threat of viruses in your vehicle interiors with CV1 Shot. Proven to sanitise a vehicles interior, including all high contact areas this virus killing formula breaks down the virus and kills it.

Unique in the fact it will be touch dry in just seven minutes after application, CV1 Shot is perfect for sanitising vehicles which could be used by multiple drivers or passengers making it create for car dealerships, garages/MOT centres and many more.

Why use?

  • Neutralise Coronavirus Completes the task in 7 minutes
  • The disinfectant used breaks down the virus and kills it
  • 2 minutes discharge and 5 minutes activation
  • Covers up to 8 cubic metres
  • Leaves no problem residue behind
  • In line with ECDC current guidelines
  • It contains benzalkonium chloride, a disinfectant recommended by the EU for eradication of Coronavirus

How to use

  • Shake the can we before use
  • Ensure all windows and doors are closed and turn the ventilation system on full in re-circulating mode.
  • Place the can upright in the passenger footwell of the vehicle and ensure there is nothing to obstruct from above
  • Press the activation button to release the spray (ensure your face is not over the aerosol)
  • Close the doors and leave for seven minutes
  • Open the doors for five minutes to fully ventilate the cabin

Always read the instructions printed on the aerosol before use.