A quick guide to coronavirus measures for retail and other high street businesses

June 3rd 2020

From food retailers to car dealerships, fashion stores to bank branches, all kinds of premises can now begin to prepare for a wider easing of lockdown measures. Safety for staff and customers is of course the number one priority, and this brief guide can help you to have the right social distancing measures in place as customers begin to return…


The first job is to put a plan together based on a risk assessment. A good place to start is with your own team – with everyone’s input you’ll have a good understanding of the risks in relation to your premises. Using the Health & Safety Executive’s guidance makes for a good checklist too. Go to https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/shops-and-branches for the details.



  • Work out how many people your premises can safely accommodate at one time given the 2 metre distancing rule, and enclosed spaces where distancing may be difficult or impossible
  • Set up handwashing or sanitiser facilities at the entrance and encourage visitors to use them via prominent signage
  • Advise people to avoid handling products as they browse – shelf strip and poster reminders will back this up
  • Set up a ‘one way’ system through your premises – floor stickers really help this to work. At queuing points mark out 2m distances. If possible, create queuing zones in the open air
  • If you can, increase parking areas and spaces for bikes, as this will help people avoid public transport
  • Consider having designated staff available at safe points around your premises to help people stick to the rules and to offer assistance



Providing PPE


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) is going to be essential for staff. Face masks and coverings add an extra layer of protection – our recent face mask blog provides more information on this.


There are other PPE measures we can help with – face shields and easily installed clear protective screens for areas such as receptions and service counters, for instance.




Inform and remind for everyone’s safety


To help both staff and customers to stay safe, signage has a crucial part to play:


  • Use posters to remind people about maintaining social distancing, regular hand washing, advising staff to call someone rather than meet in person, how many people should be in a restricted area together or highlighting hand sanitisation areas
  • Floor stickers can guide people around your ‘one way’ system and mark out 2 metre gaps
  • Window stickers add to reinforcing social distancing guidance. Think about using them on entrance doors, screens, cabinets and any prominent area of window



Haguehas a full range of signage and sticker options plus PPE to help keep people safe on your premises.  Please visit our print site for more information and ideas www.hagueprint.com Our team are always ready with help and advice, so why not get in touch. sales@hague-direct.com.