A quick guide to coronavirus measures in offices and contact centres

May 29th 2020

If your workplace comes under the description ‘offices and contact centres’, it’s obviously important to begin preparing for the next stage of lockdown easing. Whether you’re re-opening from scratch or maybe upscaling activity and bringing more staff back to work, this brief guide is intended to help you get the right measures in place…


As we all know by now, it’s basically all about minimising the chance of virus transmission, so think about how you can keep people safe and socially distanced in all areas of the workplace:


  • Reduce movement by considering what trips between areas are non-essential – think where radios or mobile phones can be used rather than person-to- person contact
  • If at all possible, restrict job rotation; try to keep people working in the same role at the same location
  • Introduce a ‘one way’ walking route through the workplace
  • Given the 2 metre distancing recommendation, think if it’s feasible to do this in a lift area – it’s best to encourage the use of stairs if possible. Consider making lifts exclusively for the use of those with restricted mobility
  • Regulate how many people can use high traffic areas such as corridors, walkways and entrances
  • Stagger start and finish times for workers


PPE remains a priority


Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) will continue to be an integral part of social distancing at work, and it seems that face masks and coverings will become part of the mix for many of us – see our recent face mask blog for more information.


There are other PPE measures we can help with – face shields and easily installed clear protective screens for areas such as receptions and service counters, for instance.


Keep everyone informed and reminded


In terms of helping people to continue to move around safely, signage will be all-important. Here are a few items to consider:


  • Posters – reminding people to maintain social distancing, to regularly wash their hands, to think if they can call someone rather than meet in person, stating how many people should be in a restricted area together or highlighting hand sanitisation areas
  • Floor stickers – sometimes called floor vinyls, these can guide people around a ‘one way’ system, remind them to work back-to-back instead of side-by-side, or mark out 2 metre gaps at workstations, canteens and other critical areas
  • Window stickers – a great way to catch attention and reinforce social distancing guidance. Consider these on entrance doors, screens, cupboard doors and any prominent area of window



Along with PPE, Hague has a full range of signage and sticker options to help people maintain social distancing in the workplace, have a look at our Hague Print website for some ideas. Our team are happy to help and advise, so why not get in touch. sales@hagueprint.com


PLEASE NOTE: the government’s social distancing guidelines will continue to develop and change as lockdown is eased, so for all the latest information we recommend keeping in touch with https://www.gov.uk/guidance/working-safely-during-coronavirus-covid-19/offices-and-contact-centres